A WordPress based publication Solution for magazines, blogs and news sites. Provide your editors with an easy to use admin interface – our SEO friendly, AMP compliant, mobile first solution uses multiple cache layers to provide a terrific solution without the performance issues of normal WordPress setup.  2 million visitors a month?  No problem!

Ironfly provides incrediblyespeciallyextremely Intelligent website solutions.

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Custom Web Development

A solution that is appropriate for your needs, not a solution that you need to conform too.  Let us provide appropriate options for your project.

WordPress Solutions

From basic WP setups to enterprise level WP applications on dedicated servers, we can help you out.  Check out our WP Publisher solution and our WooCommerce solution.

Custom Solution

Depending on your requirements, we can build a site that fits your needs.  This could be WordPress, asp.net or plain HTML 5 – or a combination.  We let the project dictate the technology and provide the best options that we see fit.

SEO and Related Stuff

Getting your site found is as important as having a great site, some of our popular services to help with this are below.

Google Pagespeed Optimizations

Google Pagespeed ranks your site, this ranking direction affects your SEO ranking.  Let us tweak your site to perform at its best and raise this score.

Google Search Console Fixes

Errors on your site that Google does not like directly affect your SEO ranking, let us resolve these issues and provide more complete indexing and better ranking.

Hosting and Maintenance

We offer performance oriented, reliable hosting and maintenance solutions.  Websites require a combination of hosting, regular updates and SEO maintenance.  We can put together a package that fits your needs and budget, or offer you items alacart.

Manged WordPress Solution

Our Manged WordPress Solution provides you with an all in one business solution allowing you to focus your time on what you do best, run and grow your business.  Our Manged WordPress Solution includes:

  • Daily cloud backups of your entire site for easy restores.
  • Hosting on our world class WP specific servers.
  • Monthly Plugin, WP Core and Theme updates – if one of the updates breaks your site, we fix it or do a restore, we DON’T leave your site broken.
  • Easy and quick support – just call us up or shot us an email and we are on it!
  • A few fixes each month (15 minutes).  Need to update copy on a page?  Add a quick page?  Fix a broken site?  Restore your site after you played with it a bit too much?  Want to ask us some questions about future enhancements on your site?  Your site map not submitting to Google correctly?  Just reach out to us and we help you out, simple as that.

Our WP Manged Hosting starts at $99 per month.  We can create a custom plan for your needs that can incorporate more time to do dev on your site, clean up Google search errors, interact with your staff or about anything you like.

Learn more about our Managed WordPress Solution.

and more...

Bring us into your team, we become your off-site partners for web dev and support. Why staff a full time employee when you can bring in an experienced team for less money? Small or Big, we can help you out.

No Houdini level voice mail system to navigate here.  You call, we answer the phone.  Need an update?  Send us an email and we make the change – no complicated ticketing system with passwords to remember, staffed by overseas contractors working at 3am.  Mail, text, email, fax, phone, smoke signal or stop on by – we offer real life interactions that are rare in our industry.

We are are a local family owned business, residing in Redondo Beach CA, a beach community a few minutes from Los Angeles.  But, 50% of our clients are out of state and 25% are out of country.  We provide hands on local support no matter where you reside – we successfully communicate and interact with clients in Australia, Italy, Taiwan, Canada and Japan.  In this global environment we still provide a local feel of communication.

Ironfly is very happyexcited to bring your site into our family.

Managing clients the world over, with friendly and professional relationships.

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